Timelinx provides tools & resources for consistently profitable forex scalping. Discover how to scalp forex for a living in the same way that professionals do.

With the right knowledge, mindset and tools forex trading & forex scalping can be a rewarding and exciting way to earn a living. Without these things it can be a nightmare. Timelinx provides concise information and outstanding tools which will make your journey into the world of forex scalping enjoyable and profitable.


This booklet will explain in short and simple sentences the 10 Reasons that most day traders fail. It is a great place to start for new traders and a refreshing read for more experienced traders. No email required.

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If you are serious about scalping forex for a living, then this is the only MT4 indicator you will ever need. Learn how it works and see it in action.

UPDATE: 2019 Scalping indicator version 10 released!

A collection of straight to the point, easy to understand articles about forex trading & scalping. Take a few minutes to read some of our words of wisdom.

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A simple, clutter free, Ad-free, forex news app that searches for and delivers important and relevant forex news articles from over 4000 news sources and blogs. An excellent way to stay up to day. No signup required.

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Timelinx offers the lowest priced forex signals. For as little as 7 Euros per month you can start receiving solid trading signals on major currency pairs.