Hello I'm Adam - I'm 35 years old  of mixed English and Egyptian heritage, living in the beautiful city of Vilnius. I have always worked independently, the 9-5 rat-race working for someone else was not something that ever appealed to me. For over a decade I ran my own businesses and acted as a consultant for others. Forex appealed to me the right from the start, it was the business that I had always been looking for. I became involved in developing trading systems from my early years in forex trading.


Forex trading is a constant learning curve and like most, in my early days I struggled particularly with developing systems that were consistent. With extensive studying, dedication and persistence I overcame this problem to the point where I was able to develop a reliable manual trading system.

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Forex scalping is traditionally based on making rapid trades generally within 2-5 minutes and mostly on low timeframes. Scalping is considered to be extremely difficult for these reasons.  I addressed these issues in a number of ways. Redefining scalping from the lower timeframes to to the1 Hour chart and forming a hybrid of a swing trade system and a scalping system. This combined with a deep understanding of multiple timeframes and price action resulted in a an indicator which I can submit with confidence delivers what many traditional scalping indicators do not.

My blog is where I have put what I truly believe to be the most critical information to help people with scalping and trading in general, it is a simple to understand collection of the most important things I have learned about forex.

I continually update Quantix and I am more than happy to help new or experienced traders get to grips with the system on a one-to-one level. You can contact me directly using the contact page feel free to drop me an email or a whatsapp message.

Happy Pips!