Quantix is arguably the best scalping indicator for MT4. It is unique, non repainting & delivers consistently profitable signals with incredible accuracy.

Quantix uses custom technical analysis tools to determine price action, trend direction & trend strength across all time frames in real time. It is easy to understand with non lagging & non repainting elements. It works on all currency pairs providing cutting-edge, accurate entry points for profitable scalping, it is quite possibly the best scalping indicator for MT4.

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Multi Timeframe Analysis

Quantix monitors trend direction (non repainting), price action (zero lag) and trend strength on all timeframes in real time and displays it in a well structured, easy to understand format. This enables an effortless way to drill-down on details from one particular timeframe (or more) and understand its relation to others in the present market conditions. It also serves as a critical tool for confirming trade decisions. 

Trade Filtering Candles

Quantix custom candles filter out ranging and flat markets and highlight where to place trades. Market conditions are checked in real time and on a candle by candle basis showing traders safe times to enter the market even if a trend has been in progress for some time.


Trading Signals and Alerts

The appearance of a Quantix Buy/Sell arrow signals that market conditions have been identified as a potential trade. These signals can be set as sound/popup/push notification (mobile) alerts. Ideal for trading multiple pairs at the same time without the need to monitor them all manually.



Dynamic Support Resistance Blocks 

An advanced version of support and resistance indicators. These blocks move dynamically with the market highlighting potential reversal points. A must have tool for avoiding bad trades.



Stop Loss Suggestion

To avoid getting out of trades too early Quantix provides a suggested stop loss level based on the market conditions at all times.

“I used indicators when I first started trading but now as a general rule, I trade with semi naked charts. I have always found indicators lag too much and are unreliable for entry decisions. Quantix is the first indicator I have found that provides me with faster and more detailed information that I could get on my own thanks to the multi timeframe aspect. I use Quantix for scalping with my own trading strategy, which uses lower timeframes than suggested, I place around 10 trades a day and it works flawlessly. A big thumbs up to timelinx from me!"

Mike Denton, Bucks, UK





Read the forex charts without confusion using the combination of indicators that make up Quantix. See at a glance if the market is ranging or if a true trend is in progress and easily identify when to place trades.

70% Accuracy for Scalping / Day Trading

Quantix will, on average, be accurate in predicting the direction the market will move  7 out of 10 times in normal market conditions and can be used for both scalping or day trading.

Easy to Learn & Use

Quantix works best on the 1 hour timeframe and if following its trading rules all that is required is to simply check the charts to look for trades or wait for trading signals.

Ultimate Ammunition

When used correctly, Quantix indicators are proven to be among the best possible for maintaining the edge that is required for profitable forex trading. If you take trading seriously it is exactly what you are looking for.





Is Quantix just a free indicator that has been renamed?

No, not at all. It is a sad fact, that many paid forex indicators are simply indicators that have been found online freely and then renamed and sold as paid indicators. Quantix has been carefully designed over time with countless revisions before its release. It is the combination of dedicated work, extensive testing and professional coding. With the Quantix indicator you get what you pay for.

Is Quantix a Robot / EA?

No, Quantix is a manual trading system.

Can I use Quantix for trading binary options?

Quantix is desgined for forex trading, however some of our users use it for binary options.

Do I need to use a particular broker to use Quantix?

No, Quantix works with any broker, however we STRONGLY suggest that you use and ECN or STP broker.

Are there any hidden costs or recurring fees?

No, none whatsoever.

Is there a free trial of Quantix?

No, there is not.

Can I receive alerts on my iphone or Android?

Yes, as of Quantix version 10 you can now recieve alerts on your phone via push notifications.

What is the minimum deposit needed to use Quantix?

It is possible to trade with Quantix with as little as $500 but we would recommend $750.

What kind of support is provided?

You can contact us via our contact page any time and we will respond to all questions within normal working hours.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, never.

Do you offer a referral / affiliate program?

Yes, please contact us for more details.



Quantix is an indicator developed for Metatrader 4 & works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is used by professional forex traders.


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Puchasing includes email support and all software updates.

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