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Scalping Forex, How many PIPS?

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

In a previous post we looked at why scalping on 1 hour timeframes is preferable to lower timeframes.

We also looked at how a 20 pip target per day is extremely profitable when considered over monthly or yearly periods.

Forex scalping is traditionally based on making rapid trades generally within 2-5 minutes and mostly on low timeframes. As a result huge amounts of trades are normally placed using this method.

Here we will consider how trading on the 1 hour timeframe, using the Quantix Scalping indicator can reduce the number of trades needed to be placed in a day to just a few.

Above we can see that by remaining on the 1 hour chart and waiting patiently for a buy setup - one single scalping trade resulted in a profit of 23 pips.

Once again we see above how scalping the 1 hour timeframe patiently results in a 20 pip profit.

Scalping is easier, more profitable and less time consuming when trading on the 1 hour timeframe. With a proper risk reward ratio and a profitable indiator very few trades need to be placed in order to be profitable.

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